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October 8, 2007


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1.Creating a seperate Country for Shia Reservation Muslims
2.Creating a seperate Country for Shia Non-Reservation Muslims
3.Creating a seperate Country for Sunni-Reservation Muslims
4.Creating a seperate Country for Sunni-Non Reservation Muslims
5.Creating a seperate Country for Reservation Hindus
6.Creating a seperate Country for Non- Reservation Hindus
7.Creating a seperate Country for ST/SC/OBC
8.Creating a seperate Country for Naxals as NAXALISTHAN
9.Creating a seperate country for PAK KASHMIR
10.Creating a Seperate country for AZAAD KASHMIR
11.Creating a Seperate country for ITALIAN INDIANS ( I wonder who will live in this country other than Sonia. I am sure the Finance/Health/Foreign Minister would be Quotrocchi We would be having 100% Reservation in every single country !!!
RE:Unknown Facts about Puppet PM Manmohanji and Congress….by Vikas Bhatt on Oct 09, 2007 01:09 AM7.
Two Set of Code – one for Ordinary Indian and one for Another part 370/370a/b/c; Special permit zone in NE. really it is high time that we should throw away thic Congress Inc. in Indian Ocean deep very deep.


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