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October 8, 2007

How congress is cheating indians

Sonia chose to not accept Indian citizenship for 16 years till Rajiv became PM. She chose to take Rajiv with her when India needed all it’s pilots in the last India-Pak war. How can a foreign born person feel for a country she was not born into and understand it’s problems? Italy does not let foreign born citizens take the highest office nor does UK or USA or any other democratic country so why should we? Doesn’t shameless Congress have one Indian born blood to run the country as a head? Tomorrow would you let a Pakistani born be head of India if he or she became a citizen by marriage? I doubt it. So why lick Sonia? Talking about so caleld muslim upliftment is fine but then the very same Sonia kicked out a great Indian citizen and a Muslim President because he dared to be honest.

I don’t want too many Bangladeshis becoming indians till all this muslim appeasement finally makes me a third class citizen and pushes us Hindus in minority and turns India into another Pakistan. Does Sonia’s party have the balls to file affidavits questioning the existance of Allah or Jesus or Prophet the way they casually did about Ram just to keep DMK Gundas happy? I doubt it. We have a foreigner out to destroy India and Hindus. Sonia’s Govt. has made it a habit of passing controversial laws and questioning the Supreme Court over everything.

Every decision they amde has tuned people against one another or religion and caste lines. Thanks but no thanks!!!So we should elect Manmohan for more caste based reservations, more muslim appeassement, more Bangladeshi illegals being legalized for votebanks, for another 10 years without any terror mechanisms in place for daily Bomb blasts in every Indian city, for keeping Afzal alive for more than 5 years and for more Hindu bashing so that Congress can file more blasphemous affidavits to hurt and abuse the entire culture of thousands of years old just to make Gundas like DMK ministers happy, so that the current builder Raj under UPA makes homes for impossible a virtual impossibility with constant realty market rigging, for more farmer suicides so that Sharad Pawar can have more cricket parties, for more Pak-Bangla buses to bring in more jehadis, for more unwarranted ceasefires with naxals so they can cointinue killing cops by hundreds in Cong ruled states since CPM and Maoists are their ruling partners and for all the corruption and divide and rule policies right?

BJP did more for economy in 5 years than Cong in 50. The IT and BPO revolution happened because of that. People needed to give BJP 5 mroe years but Cong fooled farmers and rural people to win, and now they are being thrown out of their homes to make way for SEZs. Thanks but no thanks.So replace the NDA ills with Oil for Food scam, the selling of Waqf properties and graveyards outside Delhi scams, The delhi Masterplan fiascos, the Delhi blueline buses tragedies, The constant subversion of constitution by illegal reservations and using Governors and Speakers to carry out constitutional crimes to dismiss rival Govts. like in Bihar, Jharkhand, Goa etc.

Going by your logic all things consdiered Congress had 55/60 years and things have only got that much worse so why shouldn’t BJP be given 5 more years? Apni Sonia malkin ke gungaan kahi aur gaa.By the way why was Congress supporting bans for films like Da Vinci code and Jo Bole So Nihaal when Christian and Sikh hardliners took exception? Jo Bole So Nihaal was taken off theatres just because some people objected to the film title? How is it BJP or Gujarats fault? Or when Muslim hardliners forced a song lyrics to be changed from the movie Aatish from Mustafa, Mustafa to Dilruba Dilruba with rubbish religious psuedo bubble? The Congress did not let the acclaimed Micheal Moore documentary 9/11 be viewed in India, and now they are banning James Camerons documentary on Jesus to please the muslim and jewish communities, but have no hang ups in going hammer and tongs in Gujarat for not screening Parzania and Fanaa even if it was the theatre owners and distributors decision?

Isnt it the Congress Information minister Priyaranjan Dasmunshi banning channels like AXN all on his own, from a Govt. the so called Champions of Freedom of speech and Secularism?
How Secular is it forcing TV Channels who have paid exclusive money for Indian Cricket TV rights to force them to share live feeds with DD and let DD earn ad revenue free illegally? How democratic is this process?
Just last month the Congress Govt. in Andhra Pradesh placed media under state gag by ordering litigations against all among the press that exposed malpractices that were aimed at maligning the state government. So much for reporting the truth? How Secular? Of course it was the BJPs fault. Even if it was not in power, in the above cases.

Of course when BJP and RSS introduced Yoga in schools in Madhya Pradesh a few months back, The Congress and Left were crying communal indoctrination and accusing BJP of being Communal over teaching Yoga, Pranayam and Surya Namaskars at school and now the same Government has recommended teaching Yoga at schools to make children fitter. How ironic and how Secular? If BJP proposes Toga at schools it is Hindutva and when the hypocrites in UPA propose the same it is Education?

Wasnt it the Congress Arjun Singh ministry that passed orders for compulsory singing of Vande Mataram and then turned it into a minority beating issue for vilification of the BJP?
Oh, Gujarat Riots are a shameful chapter eh? Nothing is said about 50 people being burnt to death including women and children by islamic fanatics fanned by Pakistani ISI that has spread its dragnet in more than 70% mosques and mullah community in Gujarat? Was the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi Secular?

Was Operation Blue Star and the Sikh murders by Congress state Secular?
Congress winning elections in Naxal affected states with indirect naxal support and their soft attitude to hundreds of policemen getting killed all to hold ship with their Communist Left comrades in power is also very Secular. If BJPs anti-conversion bills in Gujarat and Rajasthan Communal and vote bank gimmicks as accused by the Congress, then why has it passed the same bill now in Himachal Pradesh? What about its minority appeasing and reservation policies?
Is Muslim appeasement like special bank loans and Haj subsidy secular? When Indias 60% population lives in abject poverty and backwardness, how can backwardness programmes be given to certain religious communities with communal/caste discrimination, be they Dalits or Muslims. I dont see Christians getting subsidies and Government funding for visiting Churches in Rome or Portugal or Hindus getting the same for visiting Tibet, Nepal, Mansarovar or Buddhists getting the same for visiting Tibet, Lanka etc.

Why is a Sachar Report not done on the entire Indian population at large in terms of backwardness including all castes and sects who also live in abject poverty and backwardness. Why is the Congress Government only committed to uplifting only certain castes or selective backward classes. Why are their upliftment schemes caste and community specific? Who ruled for 55 years and kept so many people backwards? Why was Sachar report done only in 13 states on election radar, and not in progressive muslim states like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kashmir? Why does such a report always show up every time a major election like UP is on the cards? Is Reservation for Dalits and Muslims Secular in Govt. Jobs and Education? A Brahmin who may be poor or unemployed may not get this benefit for his childen, but a millionaire like Laloo Yadav, Arjun Singh or Mulayam Singhs children can get all the benefits for being backward.

What would you say if you found out ISI sponsored modules of mass conversion in Gujarat in which wayward Muslim youth were encouraged to mislead Hindu teenaged under 18 girls and eloped with them to be illegally married and hidden till they became legally adults. What would you say if most Hindu parents were having this problem of losing their impressionable daughters in a Pak sponsored racket of upsetting the social balance and harmony for increasing certain religious population to overwhelm not only the hindu numbers but also causing sufferings to them?

In 1993 after Babri Masjid demolition, Mumbai was allowed to be burned and bombed by the then in power Congress Govt. both in Maharashtra, Mumbai and in Center. Was it a BJP failure in Mumbai and Maharashtra? The then defence minister of Congress Sharad Pawar deliberately kept the army out of Mumbai till too late to settle political points against his Congress rival CM Sudhakar Naik who was a threat to Pawars strong Maharashtra position. Why arent they doing anything about rehabilitating the displaced Kashmiri Hindus and the Panun Pandits? Hasnt all the Naxalism and Maoism that we suffer in the middle and northern India Congress gifts in their 55 years of misrule?

What about Laloos 15 years of Bihar plundering that saw the most administered efficient state in India being degenerated to the most corrupt and lawless where caste wars took maximum toll of poor dalit lives plundered by private armies of caste superior land lords? The Ranvir senas and dalit wars and all that feudalism was fed by Congress and Laloo. Wasnt this jungle-raj abetted and promoted by Congress who supported Laloo Raj all this time as power partners in the state? Or is this too a BJP illness?

How Secular is it to not hang up a terrorist who attacked our Parliament despite Supreme Court ruling just for vote bank politics ahead of UP elections? Which true muslim and patriot would not want a terrorist being punished for attacking the country? So in effect the Congress is dragging its feet to actually please traitors, jehadis and zealots among the muslim populace.

How come anti-terror mechanisms like TADA and POTA were scrapped when more and more muslim jehadis got arrested for terrorist acts just to please a few hard line muslim leaders? How Secular is it to compromise national security by appeasing a few hardliners? Was Malegaon bombings in Muslim areas last year a BJP propoganda?

Was Akshardham messacre in Gujarat a BJP tactic? Was the special legislation moved by the Congress and the Left to absolve the accused of Coimbatore blasts accused for political reasons in Kerala a Secular thing?

Is the ground situation in Assam and Kashmir in the last 50 years a BJP mishandling?
Who is responsible for passing a legislation against Supreme court orders and by enacting special legislation in the infamous Shah Bano case that has forever taken away the rights of a helpless Muslim woman dumped and divorced by her husband just to please a few mad regressive mullahs? Was it again the BJP? Unless Rajiv Gandhi was a BJP man.

Who is responsible for the slaughter if 1,500 Indian soldiers at the hands of the LTTE, in the Indian Peacekeeping Force fiasco that was forced on the Sri Lankans by an Indian Government?
How come illegal Bangladeshis have taken over Mumbai and Assam and who gave them legal credibility for winning and rigging elections? The BJP? Lets not forget it was Congress that started defection and horse trading politics that is now a bane of our democracy in Aayaram – Gayaram kind coalition governments.

Instead of promoting universal compulsory education for all children where are educated funds diverted by Secular Congress? In reservations [benefit for the few, especially the rich political class]. Congress ruled atrocities should be excused and forgotten and if something happens in a BJP ruled state it should be harped on forever, now shouldnt we? How can in light of above facts, Congress be Secular and BJP Facist/Communal?

Congress is the biggest facist and communal force and as long as they rule we will always remain a state at war among ourselves due to their divide and rule policies. They have ruled 55 years by keeping rural people uneducated and illiterate, dividing Hindus and Muslims on communal lines and now by dividing Hindus with their ridiculous political reservation policies thereby deepening further communal biases and divide among people while they laugh in power through more and more corruption.

Mr. Sharad Pawar is Agriculture minister who is busy playing political games in BCCI office against Jagmohan Dalmiya evena s thousands of farmers are committing suicides everywhere. And what is the Congress and NCP and Left doing to help them? Snatch their land to fill pockets of billionaire industrialists in the name of SEZs and economy. Is this the same Congress that said last elections that Congress ke haath AAM AADMI ke saath?

Just how can Brahmins, RSS, BJP and the so called upper caste Hindus be blamed for the above mentioned atrocities that is the true face of the Congress. Fact is Congress is using minorities and OBC causes to keep people divided on caste lines and keep them backwards to make them feel insecure and exploit them for votes. Oh, I get it. Everything that is wrong with India since independence is because of the BJP. Now I get it! So after 55 years this is what Congress gave us. Compare my posts above with 5 years of BJP rule and anyone will see what a criminal and Communal party Congress really is. BJP is any day more secular ironically than any Congress Govt. we have ever seen.


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