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October 10, 2007

For those who r against Modi and Hindutva

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These ppl say godhra godhra and mumbai riots. can anyone justify the actions for the following which these ppl did

1) Mughal emperors demolished lots of temples
2) Mughal emperors changed temples to cementry
3) Can this Sikh PM wil do justice in getting Anti sikh Riots case
4) How does kashmiri separatists groups amass lots of wealth
5) How Come militants found in Manipur MP house
6) Can all Foriegn Chiristians and local chiristians take oath on chirst that they wont convert hindus by luring them with money to chiristianity

7) How come no Known Congress leaders were there next to Mr.Rajiv Gandhi When he was killed

8) Why u ppl ask for subsidies for Haj

9) Does ur Same muslims will do jusitce to hindus in pakistan and in the gulf

10) why do u ppl voted Mr. modi to power after godhra then. u voted because he did well for the state right or wrong?


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