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October 10, 2007

What is good about Indian muslims ?

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1. Protest and burn if anything goes wrong anywhere else (Iraq, Afghanistan, Denmark(cartoon))
2. Attack a woman (Taslima Nasreen in Hyderabad) that too when she has no support and does not carry any weapons to protect herself
3. Demand subsidies for Haj tour even though it is tax money paid by everyone in the country (including tax money paid by majority of salaried Hindu employees)
4. Demand reservations on basis of religion (because Muslims are superior than others) in states like A.P, TN…
5. Do not follow family planning because religion is more important than the Country
6. Call Hindus as ‘Kafirs’ when actually living in the land of majority Hindus
7. Trying to point out Gujarat riots (but what about Babar and other Muslim rulers?)
8. Asking for major share in national and natural resources (because PM Manmohan wants another term for 5 years)
9. Expecting fellow countrymen to live like Muslims in Muslim dominated areas
10. Saying oneself is a Muslim first and an Indian next (wonder how many feel that are Indians)


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