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October 12, 2007

Reality of Islam

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(1) Muslims Brothers can not accept attack on their holy place though they think it is perfectly OK to attack other religions holy sites (2) Hindus are dragged for no reason and are blamed for. They are even called Nazis by some Jihadis flocking here.
Here is what I have to say:
(1) If you call yourself true muslim, take the challenge at: we will be able to track you and all your arguments there (2) About Nazis: In Nazism the non Arians were considered inferior and the Jews were the escape goats for all the social ills. In Islam the non-believers are inferior and the Jews are the escape goats for every thing that is wrong in Islamic world. In Nazism the Fuhrer was the ultimate authority and no one could question him. In Islam Muhammad is the ultimate authority and no one can question him. Craig Winn, in The Prophet of Doom, has drawn the comparisons between Muhammad and Hitler and the Quran and Mein Kampf. The similarities are astounding. ( s=books&qid=1192124394&sr=8-1)


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