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October 14, 2007

Islam in pakistan

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Pakistan has given the trainings to people in the name of Islam who carried out the bomb-blasts in Bombay which left more than 400 innocent people dead in 1993.

If pakistani government is so much devoted for Islamic cause then why they raided the Red Mosque in Pakistan and killed the Maulvi and all his supporters.
– What ISI, pakistan based Jihadi groups who fight for the so called cause of Islam, what they were doing at the time of raid on the masjid.

Had this act been done in India of raiding a Masjid, Pakistan must have made a lot of hue and cry so also media. They would have declared India anti-islamic, would have prepared so many provocative videos and would have spreaded them in the name of Islam and prepare the people to carrying out anti-India, terrorist activities and kill innocent people.

Pakistan always try to pose itself “Massiha” of musalmaans and in the name of helping the cause of Islam, pakistan use Indian Musalmaans for carrying out anti-India and terrorist activites.

Pakistan’s president openly and happily mentioned that they attacked the mosque since China asked to do so (some chinese citizens were made hostage by the Red Mosque and later freed).
So, if Pakistan is really devoted for Islamic cause, they would not have carried out the attack on the mosque and killing so many people just because China asked them to do so.


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