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October 25, 2007

Truth about tehalka

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Tehelka is funded by Congress. Tarun Tejpal’s father is a Punjab Congress State Committee member.
Isn’t it true that Tejpal’s father was a close associate of Arjun Singh?
Isn’t it true that Tejpal and his father were close to Singh when he was Governor of Punjab.
Isn’s it true that Tejpal used to look after the publicity department of Tewari Congress of which Arjun Singh was the president.
Isn’t it true that Manoj Prabhakar agreed to contest Lok Sabha election from South Delhi in the mid-nineties at the instance of Tarun Tejpal?
The latter also used Prabhakar as a weapon to target Indian cricket, though in the end Prabhakar was also found guilty.
Isn’t it true that Tejpal was used by Arjun Singh to launch a campaign against Narsimha Rao?
Isn’t tehelka reporter Mathew Samuel a close associate of Tom Vadakkam, in-charge of the Congress media cell?
Why they didnt investigate any scam related to congress or atleast 1984 rights or godhra train fire?
Is just because congress is behind that Isn’t true that tehalka is supported by congress sonia bofors money and other Xian missionaries?

Prem Shankar Jha, a senior journalist cum Editor, candidly exposed the propaganda that a Muslim girl was abuducted at Godhra Station. It all started as an email campaign a day or two after Godhra incident in the name of a PTI Journalist. When PS Jha met him afterwards, he completely denied that he ever sent that email, or filed that report. QUESTION IS, WHY TEHELKA IS UTTERING THE SAME OLD MYTH ONCE AGAIN.
Is’n true that u supplied girl to rahul and he raped that innocent girl?

I would just like to bring to the notice of the editor of this portal as well as the news channel one simple thing. Are you doing this because you have been given money by the opposing party against Narendra Modi? If not, you need to dig into all the events that have happend in the past. Godhra riot was not the first of its kind. Please dig the truth out of those who intiated to kill more than 200 people in the S-6 Boggy of the train. You yourself have mentioned that the boggy had double the capacity of the passengers within when it was lit on fire. A train boggy has a capacity of 72 passengers in sleeper which makes that boggy to have more than 144 people at bare minimum within who were burnt alive. Make your statistics correct before you point fingers at someone. Especially, trying to create a havoc within both the communities after the sand has settled down. My dear friend, please dig the truth of the number of hindus who were also killed during the Godhra riot in each of the cities you have talked about. I am not against any religion but I expect truth especially if it is coming from media. Do not portray single side of the coin and earn hits and revenue, because you are the people who are creating and warming up dead issues and earn more out of it. If you are truthfull to your ownselves and have even a niche of integrity towards the parents who gave birth to you, speak the full truth. Media has the power to create and demolish what they want by their falsehood and truthfullness. Bring the total figure of Hindus who were killed till date in all the riots that have happed since Independence and see which figure is higher, those Hindus who have died till date or those Muslims who have died till date. The dignity of media is falling off its shelves for people who believe in logical thinking and not in your “K” soaps kind of series you show in News as well. If you dare to speak the truth, do the calculations and find the truth. It all happens because of MEDIA’s wrong message that goes to each of the community. STOP PORTRAYING WRONG MESSAGES!!! THE FORTH COMING DISASTERS WILL JUST BE THE CAUSE BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE TEHELKA!!!

THERE IS A LOT MORE TO UNCOVERAs the recording is repeatedly shown, it could be easily noted that they are edited and with lot of mixing.
The terror-film like music superimposed etc.,
with effects of fade, equalizer, doppler, mechanize, echo, reverse,
flanger proves that the recording has been completely manipulated and done in a studio by professional guys.
Production sound mixing has been the complex craft of recording live dialogue and sound effects on the set
during principal production of a motion picture or video and therefore that such effects are captured and recorded
with spy-cameras is questionable.
Video clips, synchronization, its pre-determined arrangement, shooting with specified shooting etc.,
show artificial nature of investigation.
The way in which the past events are mixed up targeting only Modi points to a pre-planned shooting instead of an investigative effort.



  1. well done, i always doubted the crediblity of tarun tejpal and his natak company… this news is really awesome

    Comment by hellblazer — April 4, 2008 @ 10:16 am



    Comment by JITENDRA — November 10, 2009 @ 7:10 pm

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