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November 22, 2007

automated rules

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Our courts(including Supreme Court) can be fully computerized for criminal cases. Only slight ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is required. Any old 286 machine is sufficient. The high salaries being given to the judges is waste of money. One judge is sufficient for each court to change the rules and one programmer OR even that judge can be trained in our organization.

Some sample rules W.r.t criminal cases given along with input and output cases:

1) If the suspect is a Muslim/Congress , if there is any loop hole in the law by which he can released, acquit him
2) If the suspect is a Muslim, if there is sufficient evidence such that no loophole in law can be found, postpone the judgement(drag on the case) indefinitely.
3) If the suspect is a Hindu(non Congress), and the victim is congress/Muslim etc.,
by default, there will be thorough evidence, investigation will be perfect, victims will be punished.
4) If the trial is going in sate having Hindu-favourable Chief Minister, suspect the trail and move the case out of the state
5) If the witnesses turn hostile and suspects were convicted, blame the non-Congress Govt and ask for retrial, if the victims are Muslims, otherwise acquit suspects
6) Special Case : If the Suspect is a Congress person, victim has any kind of relationship with Muslim/Congress and if the witness is Muslim, convict and punish the suspect

Sample Input Output cases(for the above rules)

1) Suspect: Geelani,
Charge: Involvement in Parliament Blast case ,
Loop Hole: Even though there is evidence that he spoke with the terrorists who actually blasted the Parliament, what he spoke was not captured.
Result: Acquit

Suspect: PV Narasimha Rao(PVN)
Charge : Bribing MPs for getting majority in Parliament
Loop Hole : Even though the JMM MPs who received the bribes told that they received the money and they were punished, there is no sufficient proof that PVN gave that money. ( If it is not PVN, will Vajpayee give that money??!! – Great Joke).

2) Suspect: Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, New Delhi
Charge: Giving public speeches to Muslims to fight against India
Loop Hole: NIL (audio records are available)
Result : Indefinitely drag on the trial

Suspect: Taslimuddin (Ex Union minister)
Charges: 42 criminal cases (mostly murder and some rape)
Loop Hole : NIL
Result : Indefinitely drag on trial

3) Suspect: Dara Singh
Charges: Murder of Graham Staines
Result : Death Sentence

Suspect: The persons involved in killing of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi
Result : Death Sentence

4) Case : Best Bakery
State: Gujarat
Result: Blame the Govt. for improper prosecution, case moved out of state

Cases: Illegal income charges on Jayalalitha
State: Tamil Nadu
Result: Case moved out of state

5) Case: Best Bakery
Victim: Muslims
Govt : Non-congress
Result: Blame the Govt for improper prosecution, ask for retrial

Case : 1984 Sikh riots
Victim : 3000 Sikhs – murdered on the roads(one victim named Sajjan Kumar as the killer of her husband)
Suspects : Senior Congress leaders (Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat)
Result: Convicted

6) Case: Tandoor Murder Case
Suspect : Sushil Sharma (Congress leader)
Victim: Wife of Sushil Sharma
Witness : Muslim
Reason for murder : Sushil Sharma’s wife is having illegal relationship with another Muslim Congress leader (NOTE: SUSHIL SHARMA DID NOT APPEAL IN THE HIGHER COURT AND ACCEPTED THE JUDGEMENT, BECAUSE HE IS SURE ABOUT THE WORKING OF THE COURTS)
Result : Death sentence


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