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December 21, 2007

If Congress Wins Gujarat, Sonia should….

If Congress Wins Gujarat, Sonia should….

December 7, 2007 by secularindia

Sonia Behn during the recent Gujarat election campaign called BJP merchants of death  and this was followed by Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh accusing the BJP of “Hindu Terrorism

Here are some remedial, Congress-style secular measures Sonia Behn  should enforce, should Congress come to power in Gujarat: 

On The Political Front: Appoint Ahmed Patel, Sonia behn’s close and trusted senior minister as the chief minister to spearhead Islamic revivalism and usher in true secularism in Gujarat.

Make Muslim social activist Mrs Javed Anand (Teesta Setalvad) the deputy chief minister.  Mrs Javed’s credentials are impeccable.  With her staunch anti-communalist (read anti Hindu) stand, she would ideal in combatting “Hindu terrorists”

On The Religious Front: Re-impose jizia tax on the Hindus like the glory days of the Mughal era and use the funds generated to build mosques and dargahs. The funds collected should be used to rehabilitate and strengthen Islam, the muslims and the Ummah as well.

Temples donations in Gujarat should also be channeled for Mosques and other minority institutions as is already happening in other states. That is a critical to project Gujarat as a bastion of communal harmony and its cut from its Hindu past.

Haj subsidy is indispensable. Above and beyond the subsidy given by the national government, the state government should also embark on its own subsidy regime for Haj travelers. A new subsidy should be created for Christians intending to visit Vatican.

On The Social Front: There should be 20% reservation for muslims and 10% for Christians in government, police, and in all private enterprises as well.

Implement special reservation and incentives to dalits and tribals in Gujarat for their conversion to progressive religions like Islam and Christianity.  This will ensure BJP  never comes back to power and secular congress is assured of loyal votebank.

On The Human Rights Front: Promote Jesuit Father Cedric Prakash, the tireless crusader for human rights and as chief of Human Rights in Gujarat.  This will take care of the secular Christian community which has long complained of not getting a free hand in converting tribals and destroying their native customs and beliefs. Fr Cedric Prakash will providing the balming jesuit love, and Christian love.

Free all (muslims) accused in Godhra carnage which is actually a Hindu terrorist conspiracy. 

On The Economic Front: Besides Minority Economic Development Corporation for the welfare of religious and linguistic minorities in Gujarat and implementing the Sachar Committee recommendations, Congress should also look into the the Kerala Development model in Gujarat since Kerala is most secular with high percentage of Muslims, Christians and marxists.  In Kerala, minorities ably supported by the marxists are one of the most prosperous and powerful communities, ahead of the Kerala Hindus. Modi’s model which made Gujarat most prosperous state in india will not do.  That is Hindu-tva.

On The Arts Front: Provide asylum to M F Hussain, bharatmata’s favorite son. This will further bolster Gujarat’s secular credentials. Ahmed Patel’s government should fund Hussain next set of paintings of nude Bharatmaata and Hindu deities like these.

On The Education Front:  Make Urdu second language to gain the trust of the minority community.  Cedric Prakash should also set up a Catholic University in Gujarat. All Shishu Vidyalas and ekal Vidyalayas to be banned converted to madrasas and convents.
These are some ’secular’ measures that will ensure Congress party’s manifesto promises to create ‘new age Gujarat’.  They  will herald a golden age of lasting peace and harmonious and secular Gujarat. Just like the Muslim rulers did a few centuries back.

On the National Front: With Gujarat in her bag and BJP defeated, Sonia Maino should indulge in more secular acts.

Unconditionally free patriotic Indian Mohammed Afzal because he is not responsible for parliament attack.  He was framed and set up by Hindutva. Or the Hindutva Indian army. And do not renew Taslima Nasreen’s visa.

Release another  affidavit proclaiming Rama never existed. And print Christian cross on rupee notes to affirm commitment to minority religions.

These secular, pro-minority and anti-Hindu steps will ensure Congress and Sonia behn a thumping victory in 2009 elections and beyond.


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  1. i liked ur sarcastic style

    Comment by shripad — September 30, 2008 @ 8:51 pm

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