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October 24, 2008

Truths about christian nun’s rapes in india and CNN-IBN, NDTV, Congress and Churches

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 An incident occurred on 8 December, 1998. Tribals attacked the police station at Udaygiri, stormed the jail, dragged two under trial prisoners out, and lynched them to death in front of the police station. After that, they burnt houses belonging to members of a particular caste, Pana. The incident too was projected as a Hindu-Christian encounter. It was nothing of the kind. The tribals were being harassed by criminals who happened to be from the Pana caste. The police had been doing nothing. One day the criminals robbed tribals of all their cash as they were proceeding to seek employment. That ignited the flash. But a Hindu-Christian clash it became! That is one lesson, and Justice Wadhwa draws special attention to it: the press should not rush to conclusions before it has investigated the facts. The facts he has recorded urge that the caution be made specific: the press should be particularly wary of going by allegations of communalism-mongers. 

 Additional D. G. P. John Nayak reportedly said that the communal angle to the attempted rape and murder could not be ruled out….” “A certain political party even blamed the State and Central Governments,” Justice Wadhwa recalls, “and stated that the inaction of the State Government in the Manoharpur missionary killing incident (the killing of Staines and his sons) and the alleged rape of the nun in Baripada encouraged miscreants to commit yet another crime in Kandhamal.” “In short,” he concludes, “as per various reports that appeared in the newspapers, the incident was taken as an attack on the Christians. And what turned out to be the truth? “Ultimately investigation revealed that the crime was committed by a relative of the victims who was also a Christian,” the Commission notes. 

 B. B. Panda, Director General of Police, stated that the ‘rape of the nun’ case was projected and highlighted all over the world and was also projected as an attack on Christians when in fact it was not true, and the case turned out to be false. It is the duty of the Government to verify the virginity of this nun and publish a report and then demand an apology from the christians of India. The christians of Kerala is of low morals and this was one reason for their great progress in the Gulf countries. The Hindus should file a PIL to demand compensation from the christian church for the defamation. A second incident of murder of two kids 10 and 19 years happened on 7-2-1999. “This incident again attracted a great deal of publicity in the media, including electronic media,” writes Justice Wadhwa. “Newspapers came up with the headings, ‘Two Christians killed, one injured in Orissa,’ ‘2 tribal Christians done to death in Kandhamal,’ and ‘Orissa hunts for Christians’ killer’. 

 All these rape stories were based on the statement of a christian pastor. The statements to the press by the pastor of the Church highlighted the role of some Hindu fundamentalist organizations. Electronic media was not far behind. The rape was highlighted as an anti-Christian attack. Newspapers quoted teachers of a Christian convent school saying, “A communal conspiracy is suspected to be behind the rape.” There indeed was a conspiracy, and a communal one at that. The whole thing was a conspiracy by the Christian church. The christians in India have an agenda to paint Hindus as communalists on the rampage. The christians wanted to paint the RSS, BJP etc. as organizations which are orchestrating a “pogrom”. Investigations revealed that what Sister Mary said in the FIR was not true, and was a made up story reports Justice Wadhwa. Investigations found that there was in fact no rape of Sister Mary. 

 The criminalized christian church of India is seen stooping so low in morality that they are willing to claim rape of the christian nuns to defame the Hindus of India. These dastardly christians are a threat to India.and they were working as a fifth column community in BritishIndia. From Kerala this christian missionary virus has spread to Orissa and what we read about rape of a nun was from the imagination of the Kerala christian virus. How low these cretins can go to further the conversions was revealed in the fake rapes of the christian nuns in Orissa. Rape of Sister Jacqueline Mary on 3 February, 1999 was a bogus story by christian church and the christian pastor misguided the media. The media headline later declared “Orissa nun raped in moving car,” Next was “Orissa’s second stain: nun raped,” shouted the Indian Express, “Nun gang raped by men in sari in Orissa,” hollered The Telegraph. The village “has become the rallying point of Christians of the area,” the papers procl 

 Sr. Anjo a 22 year old nun of SH Convent, who was donated to the church when she was a child by her poor christian parents, wanted to give up the veil and wanted to become an ordinary citizen. But the convent refused and she ended her life by hanging on a ceiling fan on 29th December 2003. Sr. Ancy, 32, of Bethany Convent of Ranny-Perunnadu was the next victim in the well of the convent. On 23rd June 2006 Sr. Lisa of Saint Francis Clarist Convent of Iravuchira, Kottayam, was found dead after consuming poison. More than a dozen such murders have taken place in the last 20 years and every murder was covered up. 

 Rome admitted on 20-3-2001 that it is aware priests from 23 countries have been raping nuns. Priests are vowed to celibacy in Christianity as thet consider sex as dirty. Priests frequent prostitutes and with AIDS they are raping nuns to avoid Aids. Priests demand sex in exchange for favours, such as certification to work in a given diocese and many a time nuns became pregnant and had abortions. Sex priests are moved or sent away for studies, the women are chased out of church. Nuns are then either too scared to return to their families or are rejected by them. and often end up as outcasts, or, as prostitutes, making a meagre living from an act they had vowed never to do. In one case when sister died during abortion and her rapist priest led the funeral mass. 29 sisters from the same congregation became pregnant to priests in the diocese. Many incidents of sex by priests on nuns took place within the Vatican walls. 

 Mostly the rape and murder of nuns are committed by the priests. Many nuns posted at distant villages claim fake rape to show that they are being attacked by other communities. Two weeks after the rape and murder of Sr. Abhaya by the priests, another nun Sr. Mercy was found dead in a waterless pond in the compound of the convent at Mukkootuthara in the Kottayam district. Murder became drowning in the hands of Christian policemen.. Next convent-death was Sr. Paulcy of the Snehagiri or Hill of Love Convent of Palai near Kottayam. On 17th May 2000. she was murdered by poisoning after she had seen the details of foreign remittance flowing in to the convent. No other inmates of the convent is affected with food poison. After a couple of months, the body of Sr. Sofi, a 27 year old nun of Velliyappally Valakkattu Convent of Palai was found in the well of the convent. 


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