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November 16, 2008

Both Islamic and Christian terrorism have been labeled by the Sonia Congress ,the UPA government, CNN-IBN, NDTV as MINORITY RIGHTS or what I call as STATE-SPONSORED SECULAR COMMUNAL TERRORISM.

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UPA warns Hindus & BJP States only?
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By: V Sundaram
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Saturday, 20 September, 2008 , 02:23 PM 

Islam-embracing, Christianity-coveting and Hindu-baiting UPA government, under the political stranglehold of a pretender and autocrat from Italy, has functioned as usual as a political agent of Christian terrorism in Karnataka and Orissa by issuing A STRONG ADVISORY(so jocularly described) to the Karnataka and Orissa State governments, saying that the violence against the Christian community was a breach of constitutional privilege. 


When Swami Lakshmanananda, a Hindu saint and sage in Kandhamal district, was brutally murdered by Christian missionaries on Krishna Jayanthi Day on 23 August 2008, the central government ignored it and forgot about the Indian Constitution. Similarly when Hindus get killed in Jammu and Kashmir everyday by Islamic terrorists, no such advisory is ever deemed necessary by the central government in respect of state government Jammu and Kashmir. Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir are victims of UPA backed Islamic terrorism; Hindus in Orissa are victims of Christian terrorism and Hindus in Karnataka are victims of Christian terrorism. Both Islamic and Christian terrorism have been labeled by the Sonia Congress and the UPA government as MINORITY RIGHTS or what I call as STATE-SPONSORED SECULAR COMMUNAL TERRORISM.


All the battered and shattered Hindus of India affected by the secular terrorism of Sonia Congress Party and UPA government are going to rally behind Narendra Modi (an Afzal Guru according to I Gandhi and her slaves!)for his heroic declaration at a massive public meeting in New Delhi yesterday: ‘The Centre’s approach is nothing but a TAMASHA (staged show).  They are not concerned about innocent people dying but are more concerned about innocents getting caught.  This was the reason they are not allowing a stronger law to fight terror… Vote bank politics will continue to feed terrorism and it is high time to bring an end to such politics.  Gujarat experience has shown that the war against terrorism could be won.  Gujarat atank ea age mujra nahin karega (Gujarat will not dance before terrorism).  I do not believe in giving messages to terrorists.  I take stern action against them.  Main eent ka jawab pathar se deta hoon  (I reply to a brick with a stone).  In Gujarat we would be starting two Universities, one imparting education on National Security and the other focusing attention on Foresnic Science.  We are ready for a long battle against terrorism’. 


Though Narendra Modi has met the Prime Minister and the Home Minister several times during the last two years and pleaded with them for the enactment of a tougher law against terrorism, yet the UPA government (taking hourly instructions for non-governance from Sonia Gandhi!) has chosen to remain cold, wooden and inanimate. They have treated Narendra Modi’s reasonable request with supreme political and official contempt. Perhaps according to the central government, majority Hindus living in Gujarat are not Indian citizens!  The fact that both Sonia Congress and the central government are open supporters of Islamic terrorism in Assam can be seen from their attitude towards the repeal of Illegal Migrants (Determination through Tribunal) Act (IMDT Act) of 1984 which was struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of India on July 12, 2005.  The apex Court also directed that all Tribunals functioning under the IMDT, which has been declared unconstitutional, would cease functioning with immediate effect. Taking note of the huge influx of Bangladesh migrants into Assam, the Court directed the state government to constitute sufficient number of tribunals under the Foreigners Act to deal with the situation effectively.  No advisory under Article 355 has been taken to the Congress Government for sending out the illegal Muslim migrants (most of them being Islamic terrorists from Bangladesh but declared as Indian citizens only to serve as voters for the anti-national Sonia Congress Party!).

 The BJP party has rightly condemned the Union government’ss patently political (in no way constitutional!) advisory to Karnataka on violence against Christians. Even a cursory perusal of the vicious, vulgar, obscene, barbarous anti-Hindu literature distributed by the Christian missionaries in Karnataka for purposes of induced, forced and fraudulent conversion has been the main cause of provocation of the Hindus of Karnataka. The open rebellion of the Hindus in Karnataka against these Christian atrocities is not only legitimate but also reasonable.  The Sonia-directed UPA government (an extended political arm for the propagation of Christianity and Islam in India) is unconstitutionally using the advisory under Article 355 to crush the legitimate religious feelings, sentiments and urges of the Hindus in majority who have risen in revolt against the obscene literature produced by the Christian missionaries for purposes of unconstitutional conversion in the States of Karnataka and Orissa. 

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has attacked the Congress President Sonia Gandhi saying the advisory under Article 355 is an attempt to please her.  Madam ko 355 candles ke aarthi uteri gayi hai’ (355 candle sticks have been used to please Madam Sonia Gandhi).  He also exposed the double standards of Sonia Congress UPA government when he asked why Article 355 was not used against the West Bengal Government for the situation marked by great public peace and tranquility in Nandigram in West Bengal.  Similarly in Assam, which is ruled by the Congress, large number of innocent Hindi-speaking and other bonafide residents of Assam having killed by elements encouraged by ULFA.  No advisory has been issued to Assam Government, Narendra Modi added. 


BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad has also condemned the Centre’s move to issue Directive to the two States of Karnataka and Orissa as politically motivated, highly prejudicial and patently discriminatory.  Likewise Orissa Chief Minister Navin Patnaik has also described the Centre’s decision to issue an advisory to his government as‘Unfortunate and politically motivated’. 


The Sonia directed UPA government has become internationally famous for its politically programmed petty-mindedness, small-mindedness and viciousness against the innocent Hindus of India.  In these columns on 16 May 2006, under the title ‘Heroic pseudo-secular much ado about nothing’, I had observed as follows:


Michel Eyguem De Montaine (1533-1592), the great Renaissance French writer said in the 16th century: ‘No man is exempt from talking nonsense. The misfortune is to do it solemnly’. Perhaps Montaine had pseudo-secular Sonia stooges like Shivraj Patil in view when he spoke those timeless words of wisdom. I am referring to the comedy of Shivraj Patil putting himself in a state of combat readiness to deal with the localised riot situation in Vadodara and thereby endeavouring to make mountain of a mole hill situation. Four days ago the Municipal authorities in Vadodara in Gujarat demolished a wayside Darga and also a few temples to make one of the roads fit for traffic after obtaining Court Orders. This led to communal riots resulting in the imposition of a curfew. Explosive incidents are still rocking the area. It has been reported that the Centre has given what is called a ‘firm’ message to the so called Saffronised Narendra Modi government in Gujarat, asking them to take all necessary steps to ensure that violence ends in the trouble-hit Vadodara. The ever sleeping Union government in respect of all the Indian citizens excepting in the case of their favourite non-saffron minorities (Muslims and Christians only) have declared that they are closely watching the situation and that they are ready to take any action to control it. Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil has declared with brazen bravado: ‘I don’t think that these kinds of situations can remain uncontrolled. The state government has to do it and we will see that it is done. We are watching and the state government must end the violence.  Meanwhile, in a bid to contain the violence, the Centre has dispatched more than 500 Central Reserve Police Force personnel to be deployed in and around the trouble-torn city. Army units and paramilitary units have been sent to Vadodara and other affected areas of Gujarat. The Centre has also offered all kinds of assistance to the state government’.


To concludeI would like to ask the question: Why is the self-deluded surrogate UPA government in New Delhi ‘secularly’ committed to the oddly fraudulent and fraudulently odd official philosophy of viewing all THE INTOLERANT CHRISTIAN ACTS OF CONVERSION LET LOOSE AGAINST THE HINDUS IN KARNATAKA AS TOLERANT? That is why perhaps all the acts of murder, death, loot, plunder, abduction, rape, hijacking, bombing of towns and cities and other benevolent acts by Islamic terrorists are considered as acts of humanity, charity, understanding and broad-based tolerance by our disgraceful Union Home Minister. The whole UPA government is raised on a superstructure of political perversion.  When such perversion becomes a constitutional principle, when prostitution becomes a noble practice, when rape becomes the righteous rule, murder becomes a meaningful message, goondaism becomes an act of grace, and political rascality is elevated to the level of national secular righteousness and as a part of legitimate minority rights, then are we not creating ideal conditions, extending an open invitation to an armed revolution in the immediate future?


What is politically treasonable in other countries of the world becomes highly reasonable in India under the supreme umbrella of pseudo-secularism. The policy of UPA government today is Muslim and Christian appeasement, appeasement at all costs, in spite of all terror and however long and hard the road may be. For without appeasement there is no survival, no survival for Sonia Gandhi and the Nehru clan, no survival for the UPA government, no survival for the urges and impulses of secular vermin like Arjun Singhs, Antulays, Yadavs and Paswans and Karunanidhis. The UPA government is proclaiming to the whole world that INDIA IS ONE OF THE FAILED STATES. No patriotic citizen would be permitted by this government to ask this question:  Who dies if India lives and who lives if India dies? This question will be brushed aside by the UPA government as highly communal. The standard Sonia Congress message to our falling, if not fallen, nation today is this: Who dies if UPA government lives and who lives if UPA government dies?



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