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December 23, 2008

Sonia gandhi and how she is cheating indians

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I am sonia italian manio aka sonia gandhi , my full time work is cheating indians, looting india, converting indians to chstrians and use fake gandhi name to fool uneducated innocent indians. I (my kids too by birth) have dual citizenship so in case of war i can go to italy and have enough cash in swiss bank( the last time when i counted it was 200 billion dollers) to survive. I can always come back after the war to become pm or to make my kids pm by using fake gandhi name. Do you know what even before becoming indian citezen i got my name in voters list that is my real power and i just took 16y to become citizen i.e i predicted indira will die and i can kill rajiv so that i can become pm one day and rule india like british and convert india into christian country and give free tickets to all christians to vatican like haj. Click here if you want to know about me

Ashwini Kumar cheated in the name of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia and Rahul are cheating in the name of Nehru Gandhi dynasty. Like a parrot Rahul Gandhi repeated unwanted statements in the first day of his roadshow and on April 16.

Is cheating necessary for getting votes? People will decide who Ashwini for money is great cheater or politicians for votes and to grab any how power. A parrot is trained to say,
some words, Parrot repeats it whenever any one passes him. But what happened when cat going to jump? In this situation parrots forget the repeation of those words and wanted to fly and cry.

(1) Rahul Gandhi said in Deoband, “And yes I want to say one last thing, don’t forget that I am the grandson of Indira Gandhi. If one Indian thrashes another then I will be there to stop it. “Why did not he say there “that I am the grandson of Phiroze Gandhi”?

Rahul Gandhi further said there, “If one Hindustani tries to harm another, I promise I will come in between. Please remember that I am the grandson of Indira Gandhi.”
Did these Gandhis ever stand between the people in riot area?

(2) Indira Gandhi’s unfortunate assassination was not due to
Bangladesh liberation war. She encouraged Bhinderwala in the starting to divide the Akali dal and later to capture him gave order to the army to enter in the golden temple.Rajiv Gandhi’s sorrofull assaisination was not due to riot or any other reason. He sent IPKF to Jafna for attacking Tamil militants there. To kill Tamils there was not Inida’s job. And assassination happened.

Both assassinations gave a great loss to the country. There may be difference in opinions. But every Indian felt sorry on both tragic incidents. But we should verify the facts and reasoning and should be correction.

(3) Sonia Gandhi with her husband and children flew to
Italy at the time of Bangladesh Liberation War. But Rahul knowingly dared to fool voters of UP to remind that war. Indira was on war with
Bangladesh then why did Sonia pack her bags and flee to
Italy. (She was accompanied by Rajiv Gandhi, the only Indian Airlines pilot who did not have his leave revoked during the war!)

(4) Ottavio Quattrocchi took shelter in the Italian Embassy of Argentina. He got bail after taking the surety by the Ambassador. Still Q is in that bail in the
Argentina. Like that Sonia with her children took shelter in the Italian Embassy when Indira Gandhi was defeated in the election after her declaring emergency?It took the combined efforts of the entire Gandhi family (Indra Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi) and several friends to convince Sonia to return to the Gandhi home. Thus even in 1977, Sonia was not comfortable being an Indian and was running to
Italy at the slightest provocation.

(5) In her affidavit Sonia had disclosed that she still owned a house in
Italy. Is there any other possibility of war and possibility of flying again? If not then what is the use of that house?

(6) Rahul Gandhi with her Columbian girl friend was detained by FBI in
Boston. At that time he was with Italian passport. Has he not Italian citizenship?

(7) He should publicly declare that he is Christian or not. Gandhis should publicly declare that omitting of national symbol and marking of Jerusaem Crusade Cross in the Coin of Rupee two is secularism of Pope of India or not.

(8) Manmohan sees future of UP in Rahul. He has right to see his future instead of UP in the hands of Rahul. Rahul Gandhi has seen 37 basant. Up till now what he did for the nation. He and congress should not keep people in the dark in this regard.

(9) Congressmen welcomed former CM of Punjab few days back when he came back from
London. He dare to make love affairs with Aroosa Alam daughter of General Began means Begam of Yahyan Khan under whose command Pakistan fought Bangladesh War.Aroosa Alam is a IDI angent and defense journalist in Pakistan. She moved restricted places of the defense fordes of
India with Amrinder Singh when he was CM few days back.

Kolkata, April 13: While an unsuspecting Rahul Gandhi was sweating it out for votes in Uttar Pradesh — Aswani Kumar Mishra (35), a resident of Pakur in
Bihar, was busy raising funds from various parts of Kolkata, posing as Gandhi’s “PA”. Mishra had done his post graduation in Arts from
Patna university and stayed at his house at Pakur with his younger sister, said police.

What is the difference between the above cheating of Aswani Kumar and the cheating of Rahul Gandi with UP voters by his following two statements?

* Rahul Gandhi’s remarked in Deoband that the Babri mosque would not have been demolished had his family been leading the government. Was this secularism? Was this not the way which go towards the process again dividing thecountry?

Above statement is given under a planned conspiracy in the line and diredtion of her mother. Sonia’s apology on Ayodhya and the subsequent denial of party ticket to Narasimha Rao in the previous Lok Sabha elections, branding him as the culprit, while Congress gave ticket to the accused named in 1984 riots such as Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath.

* Today on April 16 Rahul Gandhi said in his roadshow that Gandhi dynasty divided
Pakistan. It means if the Gandhis are responsible for dividing
Pakistan then they should also take responsibility for dividing
India as weIn short he said that Nehru Gandhi dynasty divided United India in three parts.

India was united in the revolution of 1857 against British Rule. Has Gandhis and Congress have authority to celebrate 150 years celebreation of 1857?

Rahul Gandhi said that he learnt Indianess from his mother. Mother of Sonia Gandhi married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 and was entitled to seek Indian Citizenship in five years, in the year of 1973. But she did not seek Indian citizenship in 1973 either, even though entitled, but waited until 1984, when necessity kicked her stern to quickly acquire Indian Citizenship to enable her husband Rajiv Gandhi become the Prime Minister of India, upon the death of his Mother Indra Gandhi. Even in 1984, she was very reluctant to seek Indian citizenship and changed her mind only when Rajiv Gandhi and the other “Bahu” of the household, Maneka Gandhi, pointed out to her that it would be very awkward for her husband, Rajiv Gandhi, as the Prime Minister of India, to have an Italian spouse.

Was her failure to seek Indian citizenship in 1973 an act of omission or oversight? It was an act of deliberate decision on her part to retain her Italian Citizenship. Note this that in the year of 1971, during the Bangladesh War between India and Pakistan, all Indian Airlines pilots (except her husband Rajiv Gandhi) were put on standby status, for providing logistic support under the emergency provisions.

All indigneous Indian Airlines pilots stood by to serve their Motherland. But Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia, and their two children spent the entire duration of the Bangladesh War in far-off
Italy, away from the turmoil of
India. She abandoned her Mother-in-Law Indra Gandhi and fled from
India during the hour of her testing and trial, putting to proof her loyalty and fidelty to
India and her people, whom she abandoned.



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  2. Thakyou……..Thankyou so much .
    God Bless You.
    Glory to India.
    Death to the Pseudo secularists.

    Comment by Rajpal Singh Yadav — June 2, 2010 @ 8:36 pm

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